On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 11:26 AM, Wido den Hollander <w...@42on.com> wrote:
>> Op 20 september 2016 om 19:27 schreef Gregory Farnum <gfar...@redhat.com>:
>> In librados getting a stat is basically equivalent to reading a small
>> object; there's not an index or anything so FileStore needs to descend its
>> folder hierarchy. If looking at metadata for all the objects in the system
>> efficiently is important you'll want to layer an index in somewhere.
>> -Greg
> Should we expect a improvement here with BlueStore vs FileStore? That would 
> basically be a RocksDB lookup on the OSD, right?

I think it will be at least a little better, since as you say it's a
RocksDB lookup? But I haven't paid BlueStore a ton of attention and
even that will cost a lot more than something like a mostly-in-memory
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