Ceph-rust for librados has been released. It's an API interface in Rust for
all of librados that's a thin layer above the C APIs. There are low-level
direct access and higher level Rust helpers that make working directly with
librados simple.

​The official repo is:

The Rust Crate is:

​Rust is a systems programing language that gives you the speed and
low-level access of C but with the benefits of a higher level language. The
main benefits of Rust are:
1. Speed
2. Prevents segfaults
3. Guarantees thread safety
4. Strong typing
5. Compiled

You can find out more at: https://www.rust-lang.org​

​Contributions are encouraged and welcomed.

This is the base for a number of larger Ceph related projects. Updates to
the library will be frequent.​

Also, there will be new Ceph tools coming soon and you can use the
following for RGW/S3 access from Rust: (Supports V2 and V4 signatures)
Crate: aws-sdk-rust - https://github.com/lambdastackio/aws-sdk-rust

Chris Jones
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