Fairly new to ceph so please excuse any misused terminology.  We're currently 
exploring the use of ceph as a replacement storage backend for an existing 
application.  The existing application has 2 requirements which seemingly can 
be met individually by using librados and the Ceph Object Gateway multisite 
support, but it seems cannot be met together.  These are:

1.       The ability to append to an existing object and read from any 
offset/length within the object, (the librados API allows this, the S3 and 
Swift APIs do not appear to support this).

2.       The ability to replicate data between 2 geographically separate 
locations.  I.e. 2 separate ceph clusters using the multisite support of the 
Ceph Object Gateway to replicate between them.

Specifically we're testing using librados to write directly to the object store 
because we need the ability to append to objects, which using the librados API 
allows.  However if one writes to the object store directly using the librados 
API is it correct to assume that those objects will not be replicated to the 
other zone by the Ceph Object Gateway since its being taken out of the data 

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