On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 7:18 AM, Davie De Smet
<davie.des...@nomadesk.com> wrote:
> Hi Gregory,
> Thanks for the help! I've been looping over all trashcan files and the amount 
> of strays is lowering. This is going to take quite some time as it are a lot 
> of files but so far so good. If I should encounter any further problems 
> regarding this topic, I'll give this thread a heads up.

Note that it sounds like you've got a *very large* trash can
directory, and until we turn on directory fragmentation that can have
a pretty negative effect on your MDS' throughput. Usual mitigation
step is to bump the MDS cache size up as much as possible (which you
should do anyway); check the archives or docs for more as we discuss
it pretty often. :)
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