Is apt/dpkg doing something now? Is problem repeatable, e.g. by killing upgrade and starting again. Are there any stuck systemctl processes?

I had no problems upgrading 10.2.x clusters to 10.2.3

On 16-10-13 13:41, Chris Murray wrote:
On 22/09/2016 15:29, Chris Murray wrote:
Hi all,

Might anyone be able to help me troubleshoot an "apt-get dist-upgrade"
which is stuck at "Setting up ceph-osd (10.2.3-1~bpo80+1)"?

I'm upgrading from 10.2.2. The two OSDs on this node are up, and think
they are version 10.2.3, but the upgrade doesn't appear to be finishing
... ?

Thank you in advance,


Are there possibly any pointers to help troubleshoot this? I've got a test system on which the same thing has happened.

The cluster's status is "HEALTH_OK" before starting. I'm running Debian Jessie.

dpkg.log only has the following:

2016-10-13 11:37:25 configure ceph-osd:amd64 10.2.3-1~bpo80+1 <none>
2016-10-13 11:37:25 status half-configured ceph-osd:amd64 10.2.3-1~bpo80+1

At this point, the ugrade gets stuck and doesn't go any further. Where could I look for the next clue?



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