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> Is EC in the roadmap for CEPH? Cant seem to find it. My question is because
> "all others" (Nutanix, Hypergrid) do EC storage for VMs as the default way
> of storage. It seems EC in ceph (as of Sept 2016) is considered by many
> "experimental" unless is used for cold data.

Right now (Jewel) you have to "cheat" and put a cache tier in front of
an EC pool if you want to use it for block or direct data access (like
CephFS). That actually works quite well, and you can then also use
much faster storage media in front of your dense EC pool.

The downside is you have to understand how to set some of the cache
tiering tunables and be able to size it appropriately, and understand
the impact of cache tiering on your cluster performance (e.g., the
overhead of the additional traffic between the tiers). Yet, it works

Partial overwrites for EC pools directly is on the roadmap for
Kraken/Luminous, probably leveraging some of BlueStore's new features.
If I understood Sage correctly, he considers that a release criteria for

That'd allow us to directly access EC pools w/o the need for cache


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