This development checkpoint release includes a lot of changes and
improvements to Kraken. This is the first release introducing ceph-mgr,
a new daemon which provides additional monitoring & interfaces to
external monitoring/management systems. There are also many improvements
to bluestore, RGW introduces sync modules, copy part for multipart
uploads and metadata search via elastic search as a tech preview. We've
had to skip releasing 11.0.1 due to an issue with git tags and package
versions as we were transitioning away from autotools to cmake and the
new build system in place.

Due to the really long changelog in this release, please read the
list of changes here:

The debian and rpm packages are available at the usual locations at and respectively. For more details refer

Getting Ceph

* Git at git://
* Tarball at
* For packages, see
* For ceph-deploy, see

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