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> > Is EC in the roadmap for CEPH? Cant seem to find it. My question is
> because
> > "all others" (Nutanix, Hypergrid) do EC storage for VMs as the default
> way
> > of storage. It seems EC in ceph (as of Sept 2016) is considered by many
> > "experimental" unless is used for cold data.
> Right now (Jewel) you have to "cheat" and put a cache tier in front of
> an EC pool if you want to use it for block or direct data access (like
> CephFS). That actually works quite well, and you can then also use
> much faster storage media in front of your dense EC pool.
> The downside is you have to understand how to set some of the cache
> tiering tunables and be able to size it appropriately, and understand
> the impact of cache tiering on your cluster performance (e.g., the
> overhead of the additional traffic between the tiers). Yet, it works
> well.
> Partial overwrites for EC pools directly is on the roadmap for
> Kraken/Luminous, probably leveraging some of BlueStore's new features.
> If I understood Sage correctly, he considers that a release criteria for
> Luminous.
> That'd allow us to directly access EC pools w/o the need for cache
> tiering.
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Thanks Lars, I was reading about bluestore last night. I will wait for a
Kraken release to test as much EC functionality as possible at least from a
non-programmer point of use. Point and click tunables for EC is something
that will for sure be needed at least for some of us that do not run a
gazillion VMs and Petas of object storage.

Hopefully if i develop more know-how in EC I can help with testing
predefined tunables that can be available for smaller installations to use,
like the ones i use (always in Hewlett packard hardware)  at least in my
country we do not run white-box hardware outside a lab.
I guess my first goal will be to learn how to obtain proper meaningful
metrics when testing VM loads and object loads.

Thanks to all for the comments,


Erick Perez
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