Hello Cephers,

I wanted to let you know about a new library that is now available in master. 
It's called “libcephd” and it enables the embedding of Ceph daemons like MON 
and OSD (and soon MDS and RGW) into other applications. Using libcephd it's 
possible to create new applications that closely integrate Ceph storage without 
bringing in the full distribution of Ceph and its dependencies. For example, 
you can build storage application that runs the Ceph daemons on limited 
distributions like CoreOS natively or along side a hypervisor for 
hyperconverged scenarios. The goal is to enable a broader ecosystem of 
solutions built around Ceph and reduce some of the friction for adopting Ceph 
today. See http://pad.ceph.com/p/embedded-ceph for the blueprint.

We (Quantum) are using embedded Ceph in a new open-source project called Rook 
(https://github.com/rook/rook and https://rook.io). Rook integrates embedded 
Ceph in a deployment that is targeting cloud-native applications.

Please feel free to respond with feedback. Also if you’re in the Seattle area 
next week stop by for a meetup on embedded Ceph and its use in Rook 


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