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Subject:        rbd: show the snapshot tree
Date:   Fri, 17 Mar 2017 11:50:17 +0800
From:   Dongsheng Yang <>
To:     'Ceph Users' <>
CC:     jason <>,

Hi guys,

     There is an idea about showing the snapshots of an image in a tree
view, as
what vmware is doing in screenshot attached(vmware.jpeg).

     So I think that's a good to implement a similar feature in rbd, as
But, is that a hot requirement for us? as Jason mentioned, A rollback is
a pretty large sledgehammer
(i.e. not efficient) approach to switch between a hierarchy of
historical configurations. Maybe clone is
much better. If so, the hierarchy of snapshots is not a "tree", but a

     Therefore, I am here to collect more opinions on this topic. What
do you think about this feature?

BTW, Jason provide another idea, show a tree view about the relationship
between parents and
children. Yea, that's another idea, but I think that's good. what do you
think about this one?


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