> 7 авг. 2017 г., в 9:54, Wido den Hollander <w...@42on.com> написал(а):
>> Op 3 augustus 2017 om 15:28 schreef Mike A <mike.almat...@gmail.com>:
>> Hello
>> Our goal it is make fast storage as possible. 
>> By now our configuration of 6 servers look like that:
>> * 2 x CPU Intel Gold 6150 20 core 2.4Ghz
>> * 2 x 16 Gb NVDIMM DDR4 DIMM
>> * 6 x 16 Gb RAM DDR4
>> * 6 x Intel DC P4500 4Tb NVMe 2.5"
>> * 2 x Mellanox ConnectX-4 EN Lx 25Gb dualport
> To get the maximum out of your NVMe you will need higher clocked CPUs. 3.5Ghz 
> or something.
> However, I'm still not convinced you will get the maximum out of your NVMe 
> with Ceph.
> Although you are looking into 'partitioning' your NVMe with SPDK I would look 
> at less core which are clocked higher.
> Wido

Thanks for reply.

The description of server have an error: not 20 core with 2.4Ghz per core, this 
is 18 core with 2.7Ghz per core.

Yes, I also think that an any cpu that I can use will be not enough the maximum 
out of these disks.
I think, maybe in future ceph will be better in CPU consumption issue and these 
CPU can server more IOPS than now.

By now my idea is do decrease a CPU consumtion by use SPDK and RDMA technology. 
Hope that SPDK and RDMA is now prodaction use ready. 

>> What a status in ceph of RDMA, NVDIMM access using libpmem and SPDK software?
>> How mature this technologes in Ceph? Ready for prodaction use?
>> Mike

Mike, runs

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