This has been discussed a lot in the performance meetings so I've added
Mark to discuss. My naive recollection is that the per-terabyte
recommendation will be more realistic  than it was in the past (an
effective increase in memory needs), but also that it will be under much
better control than previously.

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 1:35 AM Stijn De Weirdt <>

> hi all,
> we are planning to purchse new OSD hardware, and we are wondering if for
> upcoming luminous with bluestore OSDs, anything wrt the hardware
> recommendations from
> will be different, esp the memory/cpu part. i understand from colleagues
> that the async messenger makes a big difference in memory usage (maybe
> also cpu load?); but we are also interested in the "1GB of RAM per TB"
> recommendation/requirement.
> many thanks,
> stijn
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