Hello Ceph (and CloudStack ;-) ) people!

Together with the Apache CloudStack [0] project we are organizing a Ceph Day in London on April 19th this year.

As there are many users using Apache CloudStack with Ceph as the storage behind their Virtual Machines or using Ceph as a object store in addition to their VM offering we thought it would be great to bring both communities together.

This e-mail is to call for papers for that day. A similar e-mail will got the CloudStack community.

Do you have a interesting talk about Ceph (or CloudStack?), let me know!

The agenda is to be compiled, but we are aiming for:

- Morning: Mix of Ceph & CloudStack with talks applying to both projects
- Afternoon: Split into two tracks: Ceph and CloudStack

The page isn't online yet on ceph.com [1], but it will be soon.

Registrations [2] are already open for those who want to reserve their seat early.

Looking forward to see a big group of people come to London!


[0]: https://cloudstack.apache.org/
[1]: https://ceph.com/cephdays/
[2]: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cloudstack-european-user-group-ceph-day-tickets-42670526694
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