Good afternoon,

As I'm new to Ceph I was wondering what could be the most proper way to
use it with Xen hypervisor (with a plain Linux installation, Centos, for
instance). Have read the less proper one is to just
mount the /dev/rbdX device in a mount point and just showing that space
to the Hypervisor but I see it pretty easy and seems stable. Seems not
to perform bad... Is it better to use for instance librbd
with KVM?. Does it perform better?.

By the way, it seems to use the monitor node in order to access to the
space in the osd cluster. Have read too that Ceph has been designed
keeping in mind no single points of failure but... is it possible
to configure several monitor nodes, and then after a very little timeout
or similar to access to the file system through the other nodes?. What
could be the most proper way of configuring this for avoiding a
machine to loose the storage if the monitor fails?. Could you point
please me in the right direction?. Perhaps with several monitors or....

By the way if you could consider it would be better to use another
hypervisor or config (with librados or whatever) with Ceph, could you
please suggest me too?. Help to the newbie :p :) :)

Best regards,

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