Hi List,

we want to brush up our cluster and correct things, that have been changed
over time. When we started with bobtail, we put all index objects together
with data into the pool rgw.buckets:

root@cephadmin:~# radosgw-admin metadata get bucket:some-bucket
    "key": "bucket:some-bucket",
    "ver": {
        "tag": "_zgv1FXm604BQtdiZnLkaiXN",
        "ver": 1
    "mtime": "2016-01-08 04:53:38.000000Z",
    "data": {
        "bucket": {
            "name": "some-bucket",
            "pool": "rgw.buckets",
            "data_extra_pool": "",
            "index_pool": "rgw.buckets",
            "marker": "default.101387371.6",
            "bucket_id": "default.101387371.6",
            "tenant": ""

With Jewel, we introduced a default-placement and put the index of new
buckets into the pool rgw.buckets.index. Now, we`d like to correct the old
buckets and shift all the indices where they belong to. 
I can 
* copy the .dir.MARKER.SHARD# objects to the index pool
* modify the buckets metadata 
* when I try to modify the metadata of the bucket instance, the index_pool
does not get changed
* radosgw-admin bucket stats still shows the old index pool

Did I miss something?

NB: Just now, I perform all the operations with a jewel 10.2.2 rgw.
Luminous is available but not active yet.

Best regards,

Ingo Reimann
Dunkel GmbH 
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