I have a (Proxmox) cluster with Hammer and I started thinking about different 
versions of 
daemons that are running. So last night I started restarting daemons on a lot 
of clusters to 
get all versions per cluster in sync.

There is one cluster that is giving me issues:
root@proxmox2:~# ceph tell mon.* version
mon.1: ceph version 0.94.10 (b1e0532418e4631af01acbc0cedd426f1905f4af)
mon.0: ceph version 0.94.5 (9764da52395923e0b32908d83a9f7304401fee43)
mon.2: ceph version 0.94.10 (b1e0532418e4631af01acbc0cedd426f1905f4af)

I restarted mon.0 a few times, but it refuses to upgrade. mon.2 was another 
version than 
0.94.10 before, but upgraded nicely. mon.0 is the only one bothering me.

Does anybody know how I can fix this?

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