Il 06/03/2018 16:15, David Turner ha scritto:
I've never deleted a bucket, pool, etc at the request of a user that they then wanted back because I force them to go through a process to have their data deleted. They have to prove to me, and I have to agree, that they don't need it before I'll delete it.

Of course I cannot keep in touch with the customer of my reseller (which I don't know).... .. or I've to say with the end customer [of the customer] [of the customer] [of the customer] of my resellers.... order to obsessively ask to please PROVE ME that your data are not usefull anymore.

And even if I could I neither want to call all the end customers making me wasting time to let me confirm _*I can go on *_and do my job.

It just sounds like you need to either learn to be a storage admin, hire someone that is, or buy a solution that doesn't care if you are.

Uh! That's bad.
It is so sad when somebody cannot take a proposal as constructive criticism but need instead to mark other as incompetent. Everybody has different admin experience and different point-of-view and that's all folks.
You don't have sub-sub-sub customer which you don't know? I do.
You are the one that make everybody obey to "the process"? I can't. I need to solve the requests of my customers not yell when they are so dumb to delete important data. I just wrote to throw a proposal in order to improve the admin's life not of course to be offended.

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