Hi list,
       Ceph version is jewel 10.2.10 and all osd are using filestore.
The Cluster has 96 osds and 1 pool with size=2 replication with 4096 pg(base on 
pg calculate method from ceph doc for 100pg/per osd).
The osd with the most pg count has 104 PGs and there are 6 osds have above 100 
Most of the osd have around 7x-9x PGs
The osd with the least pg count has 58 PGs

During the write test some of the osds have very high fs_apply_latency like 
1000ms-4000ms while the normal ones are like 100-600ms. The osds with high 
latency are always the ones with more pg on it.

iostat on the high latency osd shows the hdds are having high %util at about 
95%-96% while the normal ones are having %util at 40%-60%

I think the reason to cause this is because the osds have more pgs need to 
handle more write request to it.Is this right?
But even though the pg distribution is not even but the variation is not that 
much.How could the performance be so sensitive to it?

Is there anything I can do to improve the performance and reduce the latency?

How can I make the pg distribution to be more even?



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