Well I have it mostly wrapped up and writing to graylog, however the ops log 
has a `remote_addr` field, but as far as I can tell it's always blank. I found 
this fix but it seems to only be in v13.0.1 

Is there any chance we'd see backports of this to Jewel and/or luminous?


On Mar 12, 2018, at 5:50 PM, Aaron Bassett 
<aaron.bass...@nantomics.com<mailto:aaron.bass...@nantomics.com>> wrote:

Quick update:

adding the following to your config:

rgw log http headers = "http_authorization"
rgw ops log socket path = /tmp/rgw
rgw enable ops log = true
rgw enable usage log = true

and you can now

 nc -U /tmp/rgw |./jq --stream 'fromstream(1|truncate_stream(inputs))'
  "time": "2018-03-12 21:42:19.479037Z",
  "time_local": "2018-03-12 21:42:19.479037",
  "remote_addr": "",
  "user": "test",
  "operation": "PUT",
  "uri": "/testbucket/",
  "http_status": "200",
  "error_code": "",
  "bytes_sent": 19,
  "bytes_received": 0,
  "object_size": 0,
  "total_time": 600967,
  "user_agent": "Boto/2.46.1 Python/2.7.12 Linux/4.4.0-42-generic",
  "referrer": "",
  "http_x_headers": [
      "HTTP_AUTHORIZATION": "AWS <aws key id>: <signature>"

pretty good start on getting an audit log going!

On Mar 9, 2018, at 10:52 PM, Konstantin Shalygin 
<k0...@k0ste.ru<mailto:k0...@k0ste.ru>> wrote:

Unfortunately I can't quite figure out how to use it. I've got "rgw log http 
headers = "authorization" in my ceph.conf but I'm getting no love in the rgw 

I think this shold have 'http_' prefix, like:

rgw log http headers = "http_host, http_x_forwarded_for"


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