I have a Bucket with multiple broken multipart uploads, which can't be aborted.

radosgw-admin bucket check shows thousands of _multipart_ objects, 
unfortunately the --fix and --check-objects don't change anything.

I decided to get rid of the bucket completely, but even this command:

radosgw-admin --id radosgw.rgw bucket rm --bucket my-bucket 
--inconsistent-index --yes-i-really-mean-it --bypass-gc --purge-objects

Is not able to do it, and shows:

7fe7cdceab80 -1 ERROR: unable to remove bucket(2) No such file or directory

--debug-ms=1 shows that the error occurs after:

2018-04-04 15:59:58.884901 7f6f500c5700  1 -- <== 
osd.458 1 ==== osd_op_reply(13121
[omap-get-vals] v0'0 uv0 ondisk = -2 ((2) No such file or directory))
  v8 ==== 346+0+0 (2461758253 0 0) 0x7f6f48268ba0 con 0x5626ec47ee20

And indeed when I try to get the object with the rados get command, it also shows 
"No such file or directory"

I tried to

rados put -p .rgw.buckets 

in it's place, but the error stays the same.

Any ideas how I can get rid of my bucket?

Micha Krause
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