Hi all, we have a strange issue on one cluster.

One PG is mapped to the particular set of OSD, say X,Y and Z doesn't
matter what how
we change crush map.
The whole picture is next:

* This is 10.2.7 ceph version, all monitors and osd's have the same version
* One  PG eventually get into 'active+degraded+incomplete' state. It
was active+clean for a long time
and already has some data. We can't detect the event, which leads it
to this state. Probably it's
happened after some osd was removed from the cluster
* This PG has all 3 required OSD up and running, and all of them
online (pool_sz=3, min_pool_sz=2)
* All requests to pg stack forever, historic_ops shows that it waiting
on "waiting_for_degraded_pg"
* ceph pg query hangs forever
* We can't copy data from another pool as well - copying process hangs
and that fails with
(34) Numerical result out of range
 * We was trying to restart osd's, nodes, mon's with no effects
* Eventually we found that shutting down osd Z(not primary) does solve
the issue, but
only before ceph set this osd out. If we trying to change the weight
of this osd or remove it from cluster problem appears again. Cluster
is working only while osd Z is down and not out and has the default
* Then we have found that doesn't matter what we are doing with crushmap -
osdmaptool --test-map-pgs-dump always put this PG to the same set of
osd - [X, Y] (in this osdmap Z is already down). We updating crush map
to remove nodes with OSD X,Y and Z completely out of it, compile it,
import it back to osdmap and run osdmaptool and always get the same
* After several nodes restart and setting osd Z down, but no out we
are now have 3 more PG with the same behaviour, but 'pined' to another
* We have run osdmaptool from luminous ceph to check if upmap
extension is somehow getting into this osd map - it is not.

So this is where we are now. Have anyone seen something like this? Any
ideas are welcome. Thanks

Kostiantyn Danilov
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