Intended setup (only focusing on OSD server here, of course monitor and
other servers will be part of the intended cluster):
* 1 single Cluster, spanning across 2 datacenters:
* 6 OSD servers (each containing 5 OSD’s/disks) in Datacenter1
* 6 OSD servers (each containing 5 OSD’s/disks) in Datacenter2

* Erasure Code level k=3, m=2 (total overhead for the entire cluster should
be: 40%)
* ISA-L Erasure Code optimization
* Our requirements regarding IOPS, latency and throughput are low
* Survive failure of 2 OSD disks
* Survive failure of 1 OSD server

Is there a way to keep Erasuere Codes for the 6 OSD servers located in DC1
at DC1, so we can prevent high network throughput between DC1 and DC2
during rebuild because an entire OSD server fails? If yes, how?

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