I am wondering whether I could have the admin socket functionality enabled on a server which is a pure Ceph client (no MDS/MON/OSD/whatever running on such server). Is this at all possible? How should ceph.conf be configured? Documentation pages led me to write something like this:

admin socket = /var/run/ceph/$cluster-guest.asok
log file = /var/log/ceph/client-guest.log
but the .asok is absent. Please enlighten me as I must be missing something very basic.

The use-case would be to integrate with a piece of code (namely, a Juju charm) which assumes to be able to talk with Ceph cluster via an admin socket: problem is that such Juju charm/bundle also assumes to manage its own Ceph cluster, whereas I'd like to have it interface to an independent, external, ceph-ansible-managed Ceph cluster.

Would it suffice to install ceph-mgr on such client? But then, I don't want such ceph-mgr to form quorum with the "real" ceph-mgr(s) installed on my MON nodes.

  Do you think it's possible to achieve such a configuration?



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