I deleted my default.rgw.buckets.data and default.rgw.buckets.index pools
in an attempt to clean them out.  I brought this up on the list and
received replies telling me essentially, "You shouldn't do that."  There
was however no helpful advice on recovering.

 When I run 'radosgw-admin bucket list' I get a list of all my old buckets
(I thought they'd be cleaned out when I deleted and recreated
default.rgw.buckets.index, but I was wrong.)  Deleting them with s3cmd and
radosgw-admin does nothing; they still appear (though s3cmd will give a
'404' error.)  Running radosgw-admin with 'bucket check' and '--fix' does
nothing as well.  So, how do I get myself out of this mess.

 On another, semi-related note, I've been deleting (existing) buckets and
their contents with s3cmd (and --recursive); the space is never freed from
ceph and the bucket still appears in s3cmd ls.  Looks like my radosgw has
several issues, maybe all related to deleting and recreating the pools.

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