Hi ,

I have created a ceph cluster with 3 osds and everything is running fine.

And our public network configuration parameter field was set to
10.xx.xx.0/24  in ceph.conf file as shown below.

If I reconfigure my ipaddress from 10.xx.xx.xx to 192.xx.xx.xx and by
changing the public network and mon_host filed in the ceph.conf

Will my cluster will work as it is ?

Below is my ceph.conf file details.

Any inputs will really help me to understand more on the same.



fsid = 74cc4723-7ab9-4cc3-b8c8-182e138da955

mon_initial_members = TestNVMe2

mon_host = 10.xx.xx.xx

auth_cluster_required = cephx

auth_service_required = cephx

auth_client_required = cephx

public network = 10.xx.xx.0/24

osd pool default size = 2

osd_max_object_name_len = 256

osd_max_object_namespace_len = 64


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