I have been doing some testing with striped rbd images and have a
question about the calculation of the optimal_io_size and
minimum_io_size parameters.  My test image was created using a 4M object
size, stripe unit 64k and stripe count 16.

In the kernel rbd_init_disk() code:

unsigned int objset_bytes =
             rbd_dev->layout.object_size * rbd_dev->layout.stripe_count;

         blk_queue_io_min(q, objset_bytes);
         blk_queue_io_opt(q, objset_bytes);

Which resulted in 64M minimal / optimal io sizes.  If I understand the
meaning correctly then even for a small write there is going to be at
least 64M data written?

My use case is a ceph cluster (13.2.4) hosting rbd images for VMs
running on Xen.  The rbd volumes are mapped to dom0 and then passed
through to the guest using standard blkback/blkfront drivers.

I am doing a bit of testing with different stripe unit sizes but keeping
object size * count = 4M.  Does anyone have any experience finding
optimal rbd parameters for this scenario?

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