On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 12:10 PM Götz Reinicke
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> as 12.2.11 is out for some days and no panic mails showed up on the list I 
> was planing to update too.
> I know there are recommended orders in which to update/upgrade the cluster 
> but I don’t know how rpm packages are handling restarting services after a 
> yum update. E.g. when MDS and MONs are on the same server.

This should be fine. The MDS only uses a new executable file if you
explicitly restart it via systemd (or, the MDS fails and systemd
restarts it).

More info: when the MDS respawns in normal circumstances, it passes
the /proc/self/exe file to execve. An intended side-effect is that the
MDS will continue using the same executable file across execs.

> And regarding an MDS Cluster I like to ask, if the upgrading instructions 
> regarding only running one MDS during upgrading also applies for an update?
> http://docs.ceph.com/docs/mimic/cephfs/upgrading/

If you upgrade an MDS, it may update the compatibility bits in the
Monitor's MDSMap. Other MDSs will abort when they see this change. The
upgrade process intended to help you avoid seeing those errors so you
don't inadvertently think something went wrong.

If you don't mind seeing those errors and you're using 1 active MDS,
then don't worry about it.

Good luck!

Patrick Donnelly
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