On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 11:39 AM Fyodor Ustinov <u...@ufm.su> wrote:
> Hi!
> From documentation:
> mds beacon grace
> Description:    The interval without beacons before Ceph declares an MDS 
> laggy (and possibly replace it).
> Type:   Float
> Default:        15
> I do not understand, 15 - are is seconds or beacons?


> And an additional misunderstanding - if we gently turn off the MDS (or MON), 
> why it does not inform everyone interested before death - "I am turned off, 
> no need to wait, appoint a new active server"

The MDS does inform the monitors if it has been shutdown. If you pull
the plug or SIGKILL, it does not. :)

Patrick Donnelly
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