Hi folks,

Mimic cluster here, RGW pool with only default zone. I have a persistent error here

LARGE_OMAP_OBJECTS 1 large omap objects 1 large objects found in pool 'default.rgw.log' Search the cluster log for 'Large omap object found' for more details.

I think I've narrowed it down to this namespace:

-[~:#]- rados -p default.rgw.log --namespace usage ls


-[~:#]- rados -p default.rgw.log --namespace usage listomapkeys usage.17 | wc -l

-[~:#]- rados -p default.rgw.log --namespace usage listomapkeys usage.19 | wc -l


-[~:#]- rados -p default.rgw.log --namespace usage listomapkeys usage.24 | wc -l


Now, this last one take a long time to return -- minutes, even with a 0 response, and listomapvals indeed returns a very large amount of data. I'm doing `wc -c` on listomapvals but this hasn't returned at the time of writing this message. Is there anything I can do about this?

Whenever PGs on the default.rgw.log are recovering or backfilling, my RGW cluster appears to block writes for almost two hours, and I think it points to this object, or at least this pool.

I've been having trouble finding any documentation about how this log pool is used by RGW. I have a feeling updating this object happens on every write to the cluster. How would I remove this bottleneck? Can I?


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