We've also seen some problems with FileStore on newer kernels; 4.9 is the
last kernel that worked reliably with FileStore in my experience.

But I haven't seen problems with BlueStore related to the kernel version
(well, except for that scrub bug, but my work-around for that is in all
release versions).


Paul Emmerich

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On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 8:44 PM Jelle de Jong <jelledej...@powercraft.nl>

> Hello everybody,
> I have issues with very slow requests a simple tree node cluster here,
> four WDC enterprise disks and Intel Optane NVMe journal on identical
> high memory nodes, with 10GB networking.
> It was working all good with Ceph Hammer on Debian Wheezy, but I wanted
> to upgrade to a supported version and test out bluestore as well. So I
> upgraded to luminous on Debian Stretch and used ceph-volume to create
> bluestore osds, everything went downhill from there.
> I went back to filestore on all nodes but I still have slow requests and
> I can not pinpoint a good reason I tried to debug and gathered
> information to look at:
> https://paste.debian.net/hidden/acc5d204/
> First I thought it was the balancing that was making things slow, then I
> thought it might be the LVM layer, so I recreated the nodes without LVM
> by switching from ceph-volume to ceph-disk, no different still slow
> request. Then I changed back from bluestore to filestore but still the a
> very slow cluster. Then I thought it was a CPU scheduling issue and
> downgraded the 5.x kernel and CPU performance is full speed again. I
> thought maybe there is something weird with an osd and taking them out
> one by one, but slow request are still showing up and client performance
> from vms is really poor.
> I just feel a burst of small requests keeps blocking for a while then
> recovers again.
> Many thanks for helping out looking at the URL.
> If there are options which I should tune for a hdd with nvme journal
> setup please share.
> Jelle
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