We’re adding in a CRUSH hierarchy retrospectively in preparation for a big 
expansion. Previously we only had host and osd buckets, and now we’ve added in 
rack buckets.

I’ve got sensible settings to limit rebalancing set, at least what has worked 
in the past:
osd_max_backfills = 1
osd_recovery_threads = 1
osd_recovery_priority = 5
osd_client_op_priority = 63
osd_recovery_max_active = 3

I thought it would save a lot of unnecessary data movement if I move the 
existing host buckets to the new rack buckets all at once, rather than 
host-by-host. As long as recovery is throttled correctly, it shouldn’t matter 
how many objects are misplaced, the thinking goes.

1) Is doing all at once advisable, or am I putting myself at a much greater 
risk if I do have failures during the rebalance (which could take quite a 
2) My failure domain is currently set at the host level. If I want to change 
the failure domain to ‘rack’, when should I best change this (e.g. after the 
rebalancing finishes for moving the hosts to the racks)?

v12.2.2 if it makes a difference.

Sean M

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