Quoting Sinan Polat (si...@turka.nl):
> Hi,
> I couldn't find any documentation or information regarding the log format in
> Ceph. For example, I have 2 log lines (see below). For each 'word' I would 
> like
> to know what it is/means.
> As far as I know, I can break the log lines into:
> [date] [timestamp] [unknown] [unknown] [unknown] [pthread] [colon char]
> [unknown] [PRIORITY] [message]
> Can anyone fill in the [unknown] fields, or redirect me to some
> documentation/information?

Issue "ceph daemon osd.3 dump_historic_slow_ops" on the storage node
hosting this OSD and you will get JSON output with the reason
(flag_point) of the slow op and the series of events.

Gr. Stefan

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