On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 12:57:51PM +0000, EDH - Manuel Rios wrote:
> Hi Cephs
> Several nodes of our Ceph 14.2.5 are fully dedicated to host cold storage / 
> backups information.
> Today checking the data usage with a customer found that rgw-admin is 
> reporting:
> That's near 5TB used space in CEPH, and the external tools are reporting just 
> 1.42TB.
- What are the external tools?
- How many objects do the external tools report as existing?
- Do the external tools include incomplete multipart uploads in their
  size data?
- If bucket versioning is enabled, do the tools include all versions in the
  size data?
- Are there leftover multipart pieces without a multipart head?  (this
  is a Ceph bug that I think is fixed in your release, but old pieces
  might still exist).

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