For some reason I find myself switching at time between both styles. I am
not really sure why. One just "feels better" sometimes and the other feels
better other times.

I think that if the file's short I prefer version #2 since it helps
everything look compact. If the code's gonna be longer than one visible
page I prefer #1 since it's gonna go over a page anyway and compactness
doesn't matter.

Or maybe it's just which shoe I put on first in the morning. Not sure.

If we ever work on a project together, please try not to murder me. :)


On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM, Eric Roberts wrote:

> Heheh...yeah...I never understood that "indentation" style.  The first one
> makes more sense to me.  It's much more readable.  I definitely sympathize
> with the characters LOL.
> Eric

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