#99: Taxon Names and Identifiers
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Comment (by jonathan):

 Dear Martin

 You're right, a coordinate variable of one data variable could be a data
 variable in its own right. However the CF convention is centred on the
 idea of "data variable", and as far as Roy's data variable is concerned
 the variables named by its `coordinates` attribute are coordinate
 variables. Software based on the CF convention would not expect them to
 have a `coordinates` attribute of their own, so it would not follow it to
 find more coordinate variables. A `coordinates` attribute of a coordinate
 variable has no defined meaning in CF - it's not illegal, but not part of
 the CF convention.

 Another point is that in my mind `taxon_identifier` and `taxon_name` are
 of equivalent status, so it seems to me they should be linked to the data
 variable in the same way.

 Best wishes


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