MM has announced a number of new products/features today.

Contribute 2.0 (Windows and now Mac)
Macromedia FlashPaper Format

Changes to the EULA for Contribute 2.0 including a new software activation
( feature and allowing 2
installations legally.  I are screaming 'Intuit/Turbo Tax'... I
have been briefed by MM on this and they are rolling it out slowly to test
it and get customer feedback, and it seems much better than Intuit's
attempts.  I actually can't find any major flaws in their implementation so
far.  It actually seems fair and well thought out!

If you have any questions about the upcoming software activation, please
feel free to ask me about it.

In the meantime, I am pretty sure I have a copy of Contribute 1.0 that I
will randomly give away to someone at the next ColdFusion user group meeting
(i.e. please come to the meeting!).  MM will be offering $9.99 upgrades for
a limited time to 2.0 when 2.0 is released.



Announced in the last few weeks or soon to be:
DART Motif
Breeze modules
Affiliate program
Flash player statistics
CFMX free upgrade - Redsky
MM Quarterly financial report and investor phone conversation (online)

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