You may want to read more on the APIs for Outlook.  I am reasonably sure there is a way to interface with Outlook database and retrieve all of the its stored objects.  Once you can figure out how to access those objects you can do automation via say OLE (object linking and embedding) which I think would be cleaner or you could use Window's DDE (direct data exchange) capability to dump to the specific location within the target application.


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08/26/2003 04:08 PM
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Off topic, but I'm looking to see if a certain tool exists. I have a weekly task where I have to
sort through Outlook email messages, then copy and paste the content from them into a plain text
file. I want to speed this up with some desktop automation. Ideally, I'd like to click on a function
key (or key combination) and have Windows automatically copy the Outlook text to the target
document, where it would be appended. Is there such an animal?

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