Be forwarned, the OP location for tonight's meeting is at 49 or so people and is at 
capacity we think.  It will very possibly be standing room only for people who show up 
late or haven't rsvp'd for the OP location.

If you haven't decided where to go, we still have PLENTY of room and lots of pizza at 

Don't forget, we will be awarding a full licensed copy of Studio MX 2004 at EACH 
location!  There are a number of smaller giveaways also.

To review: presentation starts at 6 as far as we know.  Pizza arrives around 6:15.  
Presentation is 90 minutes long with Q&A to follow.  This is being broadcast to 
roughly 80 groups during our time frame and 170 or so world wide today.  Guests are 
welcome to come (preferably to UMKC) and rsvp is not required but helpful.

If anyone has problems finding the location (and you don't have the map from to help you), you can call Ryan at 913-579-5260.

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