Studio MX 2004 Raffle Winners:

UMKC raffle - drawn by me randomly mixing the survey forms, then Russell
mixed them and someone from the audience pulled the winning form

        Winner - Jeff Brown of State Street KC!

Overland Park raffle - list of attendees who turned in surveys sorted in
Excel by email address (ascending), first name (descending).  10 Random
numbers generated on rows 1-10 using Rand() function.  Russell randomly
selected a row number, 5, which corresponded to 0.1892, hence, row 18.9
selected, so row 19 was

        Winner - Eric Lehti of Ambitious Adventures!

Congratulations go to Jeff & Eric for attending our meeting and winning a
copy of the new Studio MX 2004!!!

For everyone else, I hope you enjoyed the meeting, won one of the smaller
prizes, and will become an active participant.  User groups can be a great
way to network, socialize, improve technical skills (and leadership), and
learn about how others are using your favorite products.


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