> Can you better describe the audience that would most benefit?
> Would an absolute newbie or someone who was thinking of using CF really benefit?
> Would hard core CF programmers benefit? 

CFCs are not very difficult to use, but are probably considered for intermediate level 
CF programmers.  Mach-II had its foundations in Fusebox, which is pretty easy to 
understand, with or without direct CF knowledge IF you understood programming concepts 
already.  Mach-II I believe mimics object oriented behavior in ColdFusion (which is 
NOT an object oriented language) and hence is probably an advanced topic.

A newbie with no CF experience will be lost from the coding point of view, but might 
appreciate the concepts behind object oriented programming and modular/reusable coding 

Most likely this meeting is for intermediate+ level users who are creating projects 
from scratch (large or small).  It is next to impossible to convert an existing CF 
website into a true Mach-II or Fusebox site without doing a complete rewrite and hence 
people who continually enhance existing sites may not have an opportunity to use the 

For those of you new to the list and new to ColdFusion, I can put on an intro to CF 
meeting for either this user group, or more likely the MMUG sometime in the next few 
months if there is a demand.

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