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I am finally moving to MX and a script error is showing up....
I am geeting a new error that I have not seen...

The requested scope CLIENT has not been enabled.

Before CLIENT variables can be used, the CLIENT state management system must be enabled using the CFAPPLICATION tag.
The error occurred in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\an\send_request.cfm: line 108
106 : <cfif #form.request# IS "Utility Services"><cfset client.poc='LMccullough'></cfif>
107 : <cfif #form.request# IS "Water Services"><cfset client.poc='LMccullough'></cfif>
108 : <cfif #form.request# IS "Other"><cfset client.poc='SGirard'></cfif>
109 : <cfif #form.request# IS "-"><cfset client.poc='choldman'></cfif>
Do I need to adjust my script because of MX...I am not using any cfapplication tags.
Christopher V. Holdman
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