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I create another Query using the QueryNew, QueryAddRow and QuerySetCell functions.  As I loop over the first recordset, I compact several rows at a time into one new row.
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Subject: RE: [KCFusion] JRun issue when filling Verity on MX

What do you mean exactly by saying that you're creating another query object from the first recordset? Are you using query of query to create another recordset, or are you looping over the first recordset to dynamically generate the sql for the second query?

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Subject: [KCFusion] JRun issue when filling Verity on MX

Interesting issue involving several ColdFusion topics here.
We have upgraded to MX 6.1 and have been having numerous issues. The current issue happens when I try to refresh a Verity collection. The code to fill the collection takes quite a while to complete because I have to loop over 40,000+ rows of data. I create another query object from that recordset which ends up about 11,500 rows. I then put that into the Verity collection. The problem is that the page which does all this is returning an error which gives no clues as to where in the code the issue happens. The error is this:

Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
JRun closed connection.

The jrun log isn't helpful either as this is the only entry when the above error happens:

2003-10-09 07:05:57 jrISAPI[2816:1228] command error: Connection reset by peer <- [8192]
2003-10-09 07:05:57 jrISAPI[2816:1228] returning error page for Connection reset by peer

Prior to the timing out and error listing, the jrun.exe process has been running from 50 to 100% of the processor, yet it never even get close to the alotted memory (set in CF Admin to 1512K), maxing out at about 512K.

We are running this on a Dell server(PowerEdge 6600), dual 1.6 Gig Xeon processors, Win2K server, IIS 5.0, CFMX 6.1.

One other question we did have is that the build listed for the JRun server is 63961, from July. The last we can find on this site is from June (something just over 62000). Could this be the problem?

Any ideas here would help.


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