Last night I presented an introduction to ColdFusion for the local MMUG.  The 
presentation was targeted to non coders (i.e. graphic artists & web designers) who 
will eventually need server side programming to accept html form data, RIA, database 
integration, etc.

I have to clean up my powerpoint slides and modify some CF code and RIAs to stand 
alone in a pdf before I can make it available to members and other managers.  I am 
open to the idea of presenting this live to other user groups using a desktop sharing 
application (which would allow me to cut out some of the powerpoint slides and 
demonstrate things in Dreamweaver, RIAs, and directly running some CF code).

If anyone is interested in having me present to their usergroup this topic, I would 
need access to a conferencing/desktop sharing program like Webex, Placeware/MS 
Livemeeting, or possibly the free MS Netmeeting.  We would also need audio capability, 
though this is easier and cheaper to setup.  At this time Breeze Live is not available 
for this use, sorry.

Send me an email if you want to chat more about an introductory presentation on CF for 
non coders or to receive the powerpoint once I update it.

Ryan, Kansas City CFUG Manager, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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