Dear All,

Following some discussion with Hyungjun, I'd like to propose the following new 
standard names to support the LS3MIP CMIP6 data request.

1.    Changes over time

1.1 dcw    Change in Interception Storage  [kg m-2]
The standard name “canopy_water_amount” exists.
+ Propose: change_over_time_in_canopy_water_amount

1.2 dgw    Change in Groundwater  [kg m-2]
We do not currently have any terms specifically for groundwater, so this 
concept needs to be defined: the following is proposed: “Groundwater is the 
subsurface water in the saturated zone.”
+ propose: change_over_time_in_groundwater_amount

1.3 drivw    Change in River Storage  [kg m-2]
There is no existing term for the amount of water in rivers, though there are 
several for the rate of flow.  Such terms as exist make no explicit reference 
to the definition of the what is meant by river water, so a clarification note 
is proposed.

+ Propose: change_over_time_in_river_water_amount
+ “River water amount refers to the water in the fluvial system (stream and 

1.4 dslw    Change in soil moisture  [kg m-2]
Relates to changes in quantity mass_content_of_water_in_soil

+ Propose: change_over_time_in_mass_content_of_water_in_soil

1.5 dsn    Change in snow water equivalent (including snow and ice)  [kg m-2]

The ice includes all the ice above ground, including glaciers, ice sheets and 
floating ice shelves.

+ Propose: change_over_time_in_surface_snow_and_ice_amount

1.6 dsw    Change in Surface Water Storage  [kg m-2]
Surface water storage is interpreted as terrestrial water storage, which has a 
recently discussed name land_water_amount.

+ Propose: change_over_time_in_land_water_amount

1.7 dtes    Change in surface heat storage (excluding snow and ice)  [J m-2]
Includes soil layers+canopy+any other except snow/ice.

+ Propose: 

1.8 dtesn    Change in snow/ice cold content [J m-2] (CliC)
“thermal_energy_content_of_surface_snow” exists, we can extend with “_and_ice”.

The ice includes all the ice above ground, including glaciers, ice sheets and 
floating ice shelves.

+ Propose: change_over_time_in_thermal_energy_content_of_surface_snow_and_ice

2. Feature depths

2.1 dmlt    Depth to soil thaw [m] (CliC)
Depth from surface to the zero degree isotherm. Above this isotherm T > 0o, and 
below this line T < 0o.

When the surface temperature is above 0K and there is frozen soil at some point 
beneath the surface, thawed_soil_depth is the distance from the surface to the 
first 0K isotherm. When there is no thawed soil layer, the parameter should be 
reported as missing.

+ Proposed: thawed_soil_depth

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