Dear All, 

There's been some question as to whether a timeSeries featureType is allowed to 
have a "reference time" dimension in addition to a "valid time" dimension as in 
a forecast model run collection. See:

Is `Mandatory space-time coordinates for a collection of these features` of 
`x(i) y(i) t(i,o)` in the [table 
 to be interpreted as limited to t(i,o) or not limited to t(i,o) ? @cofinoa and 
I agree that it should be "not limited to" but I wanted to poll the community 
and get the take of those with a bit more background on the CF convention 


- Dave

Closure Criteria:
This issue should be closed when this question is answered. It may propogate an 
additional issue to clarify the text in the CF spec, but I would consider that 
an additional issue with it's own description.

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