iirc, this is not a cfquery doing, but rather the mysql jdbc driver's.
there is some setting for the connector-j and/or in mysql server config
file that changes this behaviour, but you will have to look it up in the
mysql reference manual - i do not remember the details of this setting...

Azadi Saryev

Richard White wrote:
> hi,
> after lots of problematic select statements we have realised that if a db 
> column has a type of tinyint(1) and that column in the mysql db has '2' 
> stored in it, then running a cfquery will only return 0 or 1
> so we realise that cfquery must convert tinyint(1) columns to boolean
> we couldn't believe that a the same select statement directly in mysql 
> returned a value of 2 but a cfquery returned the value 1 - on the tinyint(1) 
> column
> is this right?, is this a bug? or is there a way we can turn this conversion 
> to a boolean off? or will we have to change any tinyint(1) columns to 
> smallint(1)
> thanks
> richard 

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