On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 8:16 AM, John M Bliss <bliss.j...@gmail.com> wrote:
> So this AM, my production server had not sent me my usual batch of emails
> (via cfmail).  I went to Server Settings > Mail, checked Verify mail server
> connection, clicked Submit Changes, and received Connection Verification
> Successful.  I stopped and restarted my SMTP server and then noticed that
> email I was expecting to receive was sitting in C:\ColdFusion8\Mail\Spool.
> I stopped and restarted the CF server (CF 8 with CHF 4) and now all of the
> mail is being delivered.
> Is this a fluke?  Known issue?  Anything I can do to prevent it from
> recurring?
> Thanks!

There's actually a way to restart just the spool component, which may
be all you need to get it spooling again

I added a file to my cf admin/custom folder, and added to
custommenu.xml, to restart the mail service:

<div style="margin: 3em;">
<cfoutput><a href="#CGI.SCRIPT_NAME#?restartMailService=true">Restart
mail spool service</a></cfoutput>

<cfif structKeyExists(URL, "restartMailService") AND
URL.restartMailService IS true>
        <cfset sFactory = 
        <cfset MailSpoolService = sFactory.mailSpoolService>
        <cfset MailSpoolService.stop()>
        <h2>Mail spool service stopped.</h2>
        <cfset MailSpoolService.start()>
        <h2>Mail spool service restarted!</h2>

- D

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