Here's the deal on subscriptions:

CF server subscription: CFMX is available for immediate download.

If you are registered with a current/valid subscritpion serial number, you should have 
received an e-mail with instructions outlining how to d/l CFMX. The e-mail contains a 
link and some instructions. When you go to d/l CFMX as part of your subscription, 
you'll have an option for requesting a backup CD and documentation at no charge.

If you have a current/valid subscription and did not receive this e-mail, first, be 
sure you're registered at:

Once registered, that will trigger the e-mail to you (not sure how long it would take, 
but I would guess within a day or two).

If you find that you're already registered with your CF Server Subscription number, 
and have not gotten this e-mail, please contact Customer Service, and they'll get you 
squared away. Keep in mind, we're swamped due to overwhelming response, but 
subscription issues do get a higher priority from Customer Service. To contact 
Customer Service about subscriptions, use this link:

CFStudio Subscription:

Same process as above, but there are a few kinks we're currently working out. I 
anticipate this should all be resolved in the next day or so.

1.) The letter that went out erroneously instructed to use the CF Server serial number 
at the supplied link, but you should use CFStudio serial number.

2.) Currently, there's a couple glitches in the online subscription fulfilment 
mechanism. Most importantly, the system is presenting the wrong bits for d/l (CFServer 
instead of DWMX & Homesite+) Also, sometimes the Studio serial number you're asked to 
enter isn't correctly recognized.

Once these issues are resolved and you can successfully fulfill your subscription 
online, you'll also be given the option to receive a backup CD and documentation at no 

These issues should be resolved shortly, so try again in a day or two. If you're still 
having trouble getting DWMX & HS+ as part of your CFStudio subscription, contact 
Customer Service and they'll quickly help:

I hope this helps!

Vernon Viehe
Community Manager
Developer Relations
Macromedia, Inc.
Online diary: 

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