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>Hi Folks,
>I don't think this is possible, but I wanted to double check.
>Is it possible to write a word document "on the fly" that includes images,
>or more precisely, headers and footers? I can write the text (body) parts of
>it without a problem, and even get all the stupid mso-styles to work
>appropriately. But, when it comes to embedding images, I'm at a loss.
>By the way, we do not have word installed on the server, and we're not
>running IIS.

I vaugely recall writing a cfx for someone that read image files and
created... it was either RTF or DOC compaible hex dumps so that images
could be inserted into the documents.

I think this was for the DOC format, but I'm not sure. Sec...


It was a long time ago, but FYI.


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