Yep, that worked. Thank you. 

Now my next task is to decompile them?

At 09:12 AM 7/2/02, you wrote:
>oi Brian!!
>you could just use winrar to open it up....
>Certified Adv. ColdFusion Developer
>Crit[s2k] - <CF_ChannelOP Network="Efnet" Channel="ColdFusion">
>Tuesday, July 2, 2002, 12:05:28 PM, you wrote:
>BS> I am trying to unpack one of the jar files shipped with cf5 to see if it might be 
>possible to add some features to the cfgraph tag.
>BS> the jar command entered at the prompt seems to run and then hangs... with no cpu 
>cycles being consumed by jar according to the task manager.
>BS> Am I nuts or is it not possible to unpack some jar files?
>BS> thanks to any java gurus out there.
>BS> Brian
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